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Court asked to monitor Chemours’ messages to plaintiffs

FAYETTEVILLE (AP) Lawyers for residents suing a company that makes a chemical that’s been found in private wells near its North Carolina plant have asked a federal judge to supervise communications between the defendant and their clients.

The Fayetteville Observer reports plaintiffs’ attorneys filed a motion Aug. 20 saying Chemours risks undermining the legal process by sending misleading letters to residents involved in the class action lawsuit.

Chemours spokeswoman Lisa Randall says the letters offered to install and maintain filer systems, without costs, obligations or commitments from the residents.

But the motion says the letters omit essential information, and the state Department of Environmental Quality hadn’t authorized the offer.

North Carolina officials have been investigating Chemours for more than a year, since the compound GenX was found in the Cape Fear River and then private wells.

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