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Sanford attorney disbarred

Attorney: Paige C. Cabe

Location: Sanford

Bar membership: Member since 1997

Disciplinary action: Disbarred on Sept. 12

Background: On repeated occasions, Cabe knowingly misappropriated funds belonging to multiple clients, and use those funds for her own benefit. In response to a subpoena from the state bar, Cabe provided falsified bank records to bar that gave the false impression that she maintained more funds in trust than she actually did. (The bar had obtained accurate records directly from the bank.) On multiple other occasions, Cabe failed to return unearned fees, failed to communicate with clients, and failed to timely reply to grievances. She also failed to appear in court on behalf of a client without notifying the court or the client or providing any excuse for her failure to appear.

Previous discipline: None

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