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Criminal Practice – Embezzlement – Entrustment – Bank Security Measures

Although defendant’s employer’s bank provided two different employees with “key fob” security devices so that no single employee could issue checks, the employer gave both key fobs to defendant. Therefore, contrary to defendant’s argument, she was entrusted with the funds that she stole.

We find no error in defendant’s conviction of embezzlement.

Defendant’s supervisor was also entrusted with the funds, but exclusivity of entrustment is not an element under G.S. § 14-90.

State v. Grandy (Lawyers Weekly No. 011-302-18, 7 pp.) (Donna Stroud, J.) Appealed from Guilford County Superior Court (Tanya Wallace, J.) Torrey Dixon for the state; Leslie Rawls for defendant. N.C. App.


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