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Injunction against Goldsboro attorney partly lifted


Attorney: Charles R. Gurley

Location: Goldsboro

Bar membership: Member since 1991

Disciplinary action: An injunction against Gurley was lifted on Nov. 6, and Gurley may return to the practice of law, but an injunction prohibiting Gurley from handling entrusted funds remains in effect.

Background: Gurley was enjoined from engaging in the practice of law by the Wake County Superior Court on Nov. 22, 2017 after the state bar received notice that a check was presented against insufficient funds in his trust account. Gurley failed to respond to the bar’s letter of notice or to notices of other grievances sent to him by the bar, including one alleging that Gurley misappropriated a $50,000 personal injury settlement from one of his clients. Superior Court Judge William Pittman found Gurley in contempt of court and enjoined him from the practice of law and appointed trustees to protect the interests of his clients. Pittman found on Nov. 6 that Gurley remains in contempt of court, but ordered that he may return to the practice of law, subject to certain conditions.

Previous discipline: None prior to the now-lifted injunction

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