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Former Charlotte attorney suspended


Attorney: Jeffrey W. Ellingworth

Location: Charlotte

Bar membership: Member since 2010

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for four years on Nov. 21. After two years, Ellingworth may apply for a stay of the remaining portion of the suspension.

Background: In January 2016, Ellingworth’s law license was administratively suspended. Ellingworth failed to notify clients that he had been suspended, or the reason for the suspension. He also failed to withdraw from clients’ cases before the effective date of his suspension, failed to return unearned fees to clients, failed to return to clients their original documents, and failed to advise clients to seek other legal representation. After the date of his suspension, Ellingworth communicated with a client using an email address and signature line that gave the false appearance that he was authorized to practice law, and in the email he promised to schedule necessary court dates as soon as possible. Aside from that email, Ellingworth failed to respond to numerous phone calls and emails from the client. He also failed to timely reply to a notice of a fee dispute.

Previous discipline: Ellingworth was admonished by the Grievance Committee in 2016 for failing to timely respond to a grievance.

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