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Former Greensboro attorney suspended after falsely accusing prostitute


Attorney: Christopher Albert Stella

Location: Out of state (formerly of Greensboro)

Bar membership: Member since 2017

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for three years on Jan. 29. After 18 months, Stella may apply for a stay of the remaining portion of the suspension.

Background: Nine days after undergoing a Board of Law Examiners’ fitness hearing at which he was granted his law license, Stella engaged the services of a prostitute in High Point, who returned with Stella to his residence and performed the agreed-upon sexual act. After a dispute over remuneration, Stella ultimately paid the prostitute a higher fee than had initially been negotiated. Later that evening, Stella falsely reported to the High Point police that he had been the victim of a robbery and sexual assault, alleging that an unidentified prostitute had brandished a knife at him and attempted to have sexual intercourse with him against his will.

Previous discipline: None

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