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Gastonia attorney censured


Attorney: Larry G. Hoyle

Location: Gastonia

Bar membership: Member since 1990

Disciplinary action: Censured on Jan. 31

Background: In September 2013, Hoyle submitted a written designation for secured leave, which must be filed before any matter is scheduled for the designated period. In his designation, Hoyle stated that he had no such matters scheduled, which he knew to be false. In a separate matter, in January 2016 Hoyle, acting at the suggestion of a bail bondsman, prepared and filed a motion and order striking an order for arrest and forfeiture on behalf of a criminal defendant when Hoyle had no legal authority to act on behalf of that defendant. He then failed to inform the defendant of his new court date, at which the defendant failed to appear.

Previous discipline: Hoyle was censured in February 2009 for engaging in improper ex parte communications and making a misrepresentation to the court about the other party’s consent to the matter before the court. He was also admonished in 2003 for failing to respond to a request for information from the state bar.

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