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Asheville attorney censured

Attorney: Jennifer Nicole Foster

Location: Asheville

Bar membership: Member since 1995

Disciplinary action: Censured on March 25

Background: Foster posted on social media that she had “basically” been put out of business by another attorney and was unable to take new cases or resolve the ones she then had due to retaliation by Buncombe County’s district attorney, who had submitted claims regarding Foster to the state bar. These statements were false, and Foster’s characterization of Williams’s claims was misleading, if not false. Also, Foster made misleading statements to prison personnel in order to meet with a criminal defendant who was represented by another attorney, who had warned Foster not to do so.

Previous discipline: Foster was suspended from the practice of law for two years in September 2016 for failing to exit a magistrate’s office after being instructed to do so and directing several vulgar epithets toward the same magistrate. That suspension was stayed, and Foster’s subsequent conviction for direct criminal contempt of court was later reversed by the state’s Court of Appeals because the magistrate had not complied with certain statutory requirements.

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