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Wilmington attorney censured and reprimanded

Attorney: Steven B. Wright

Location: Wilmington

Bar membership: Member since 2013

Disciplinary action: Censured in one matter and reprimanded in another on Feb. 8

Background: Wright was administratively suspended from November 2015 to February 2016.  While representing a client in a criminal matter, Wright failed to comply with the client notification provisions of the wind-down rule and failed to file a motion to withdraw. Wright later misrepresented to the state bar that he had been paid in full by the client prior to his suspension. In a separate criminal defense matter prior to the suspension, Wright failed to timely communicate with his client and court officials and failed to comply with a scheduling order of the court. This misconduct resulted in the censure. In yet another matter Wright failed to provide a client with documentation that previous charges had been dismissed, leading to the reprimand.

Previous discipline: Wright was censured in August 2016 for accepting two checks as payment for representation at a time when his license to practice was administratively suspended and for falsely representing on his website that he was admitted to the Vermont bar, even though that license had been suspended. He was also reprimanded in August 2016 for failing to refund a portion of a fee to which the client was entitled.

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