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High Point attorney reprimanded


Attorney: J. Eric Skager

Location: High Point

Bar membership: Member since 1997

Disciplinary action: Reprimanded on May 14

Background: A client retained Skager to represent him in a traffic matter. No file was opened for the client, likely due to a clerical error or oversight, and no one appeared on the client’s behalf at a scheduled hearing, and a failure to appear was entered against the client. Skager told the Grievance Committee that he would file a motion for appropriate relief on the client’s behalf and compensate the client for any extra expense that occurred because of the mishandling of the case, and issue the client a refund. Skager did not respond to a state bar deputy counsel’s letter to inquire about whether Skager had followed through on those plans, and the client claimed that he never heard from Skager about any offers to rectify the wrongs done in his case.

Previous discipline: None

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