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Woman hit by van settles for $1M

A woman who almost died after she was hit head-on by a van has reached a $1 million pre-suit settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, her attorney reports.

Roger Tripp of Biesecker Tripp Sink and Fritts in Lexington reported that this client, whose name was withheld, was driving in Rowan County in October 2016 when a van turned left into the path of her sports car while the van was leaving a parking lot.

The client was in the hospital for several weeks and suffered a ruptured spleen, which was removed. The wreck injured the lining of her kidneys and her liver was injured, requiring surgery.

The client suffered a fractured pelvis and dislocated hip and elbow, and her femur was crushed, which required a metal rod implant from her hip to her knees. She also had a fractured left wrist and cuts and bruises.

QEB was the insurer for the at-fault parties, whose identities were also withheld.



“With the injuries she had, she is lucky to be alive,” Tripp said.  “They [QEB] didn’t start out wanting to pay the policy limits, but over a period of back and forth, they finally did.”

The client, who was 62 at the time of the wreck, worked for a large company, but didn’t return to work after the wreck.

“She is doing better now,” Tripp said.

The case was settled without the insurance company needing to engage counsel.

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Amount: $1 million

Injuries alleged: Ruptured spleen, lining of kidney and liver lining tears, fractured pelvis, dislocated hip, dislocated elbow, crushed femur, left wrist fracture, and numerous cuts and bruises

Case name: Case settled before any suit was filed

Venue: Rowan County

Date of settlement: Oct. 22

Special damages: $200,000

Insurance Carrier: QBE 

Attorney for plaintiff: Roger Tripp of Biesecker Tripp Sink and Fritts in Lexington

Attorneys for defendant: None


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