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N.C. Business Court extends deadlines

The North Carolina Business Court has extended deadlines in all of its pending cases in accordance with Chief Justice Cheri Beasley’s order extending filing deadlines for county court documents through April 17 due to COVID-19.

The March 23 order, signed by Chief Business Court Judge Louis Bledsoe, provides that all pleadings, motions, briefs, notices, and other documents that were due to be filed in any pending action between March 16 and April 17 shall be timely filed if filed on or before April 17. All other acts, including discovery, mediation, motions, and other case activity that were due to be done in any pending action between March 16 and April 17 will likewise be timely done if done on or before April 17.

Absent consent of the parties, case management deadlines will also be automatically extended to the close of business on April 17, subject to modification to a later date by the assigned Business Court judge. Parties may, with the judge’s consent, agree to an earlier deadline for any filing or act that Beasley’s order permits to be filed or taken on or before April 17. Any filings before that date must be made electronically through the Court’s electronic-filing system.

There will also be no in-person hearings before April 17 in any pending action. The assigned judge may, with the consent of the parties, continue to convene hearings and conferences via videoconference or telephone, and judges are instructed to take all appropriate action to avoid imposing prejudice on any party as a result of COVID-19.

The order may be altered or modified in response to any additional orders or directives that the Chief Justice may issue or as circumstances may otherwise warrant.

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