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Union County man files lawsuit, claims deputies beat him

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man is suing after he said he was pepper sprayed, tasered and beaten by a group of Union County sheriff’s deputies following a traffic stop.
The Charlotte Observer reported Thursday that the lawsuit was filed by Dustin Parrish in federal court.
Parrish, who is white, estimates that he was struck in the face at least 20 times. He said he was tased twice, pepper sprayed and placed in a choke hold.
Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey told the Observer that Parrish “created the violence when he assaulted an officer.” Cathey added that Parrish resisted arrest, ignored orders and tried to escape twice.
Parrish claims he never assaulted an officer. His lawsuit alleges that deputies lied and trumped up charges to keep him in jail for more than 200 days before trial. He also claims he didn’t get the medication he needed and had to be hospitalized.
Video of the 2019 incident obtained by the Observer shows Parrish trying to escape. Another clip shows him struggling with two officers before being struck by a third.
Video shows a deputy shooting pepper spray into Parrish’s eyes before another deputy appears to tase him.
Bo Caudill, one of three attorneys representing Parrish, said the deputies “acted like bullies with badges.”

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