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Farmer injured by hit-and-run driver settles claim for $750K

Bill Cresenzo//August 27, 2020

Farmer injured by hit-and-run driver settles claim for $750K

Bill Cresenzo//August 27, 2020


A farmer who was seriously injured after he stopped on the side of a road to fix his truck and was struck by a van that had veered off the road has confidentially settled a pre-lawsuit claim against the at-fault driver’s employer for $750,000, his attorney reports.

Bob Whitley of Raleigh reports that his client, whose name was withheld, was kneeling in front of this truck to fix an electrical problem in 2018 when the van swerved off the road and ran over his right leg.

“It was so sudden, it took him awhile for him to realize what happened,” Whitley said. “He tried to stand up and couldn’t.”bobwhitley

Whitley’s client was taken to a hospital in Kinston, then transferred to one in Greenville, where he stayed for two days. He suffered a double fracture to his right calf, which required the insertion of bone screws, and was bedridden for several months.

The farmer’s medical bills totaled around $9,000. Whitley said that it is “almost unheard of” to settle such a case for such a large amount, but that his client’s life story was key to obtaining such a large settlement.

“He could not bear weight for six months, he could only be transported by a wheelchair, and his wife had to look after him at home,” Whitley said. “What really got to him was the fact that he was one of those guys who could do everything. He never dealt with illness or injury or incapacitation and all of a sudden, he couldn’t stand on his feet.”

The at-fault driver was driving a company van and fled the scene, but a bystander followed him and wrote down his license plate number and police were able to locate the driver. Whitley said that the driver was never charged in connection with his client’s injury but in 2019,  he was involved in a similar wreck and was charged with driving while impaired. 

The settlement was agreed to on Jan. 31. Due to a confidentiality agreement, other information about the case, including the location of the incident and the identities of the defendants and their counsel, was unavailable. 

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Amount: $750,000

Injuries alleged: Double fracture to right calf

Case name: Pre-lawsuit settlement

Venue: Confidential

Date of settlement: Jan. 31

Attorney for plaintiff: Bob Whitley of Raleigh

Attorney for defendant: Withheld

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