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Tips to stay active this fall

It seems as though staying active is just a bit easier during the summer. Even chores such as mowing the lawn and washing the car can be enjoyable when the weather is warm.

But physical tasks can become significantly more arduous when temperatures start to drop. Backyard workouts and morning jogs that were once enjoyable suddenly seem impossible when the weather is cold. Under normal circumstances, gym memberships can be an easy fix to the loss of outdoor workout weather; but in the time of COVID-19, it’s understandable to avoid public areas like workout classes and fitness centers.

Just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean your level of dedication to fitness has to drop, as well.

Here are a few tips on how to keep up your physical activity this fall:

Fall cleaning

Don’t wait until the spring to do a deep cleaning of your home. Get ready for winter with some fall cleaning, which can include putting away summer clothes and pulling out fall decorations and outfits. This is an activity that will keep you moving all day – and if you do it now, you won’t have to rummage through your house to find cold weather clothing when winter drops out of nowhere (as it always does!)

Get moving during TV time

It’s inevitable that you’ll be watching more TV during the colder months. Instead of sprawling out of the couch while watching Netflix, use that 30 minutes to an hour to get moving. Challenge your family, partner or yourself on who can do the most push-ups in between episodes. If you’re watching a show or sporting event live, squeeze in some squats on commercial breaks. Your mind and body will thank you in the long run.

Hiking in fall

Enjoy the beauty of changing leaves and fall colors by going on a hike. South Carolina has no shortage of outdoor spaces for you to explore, many of which will keep you at a safe social distance from others. So get your friends and family together for a day trip to enjoy some fall foliage, and get your bodies moving while you’re at it.

Keep exercising indoors

If you enjoy your at-home, indoor workouts, then keep it up. If not, maybe it’s time to give a new workout routine a go. Try strength exercises with dumbbells, resistance bands or a stability ball in the comfort of your garage, living room or any other open space you have at home. Check to see if your local fitness centers are offering any classes either on Zoom or at a safe social distance. Finally, fitness videos on YouTube and other apps are always an option.

Remember: You will never regret working out

There are a lot of habits that are easy to regret, but forgoing a workout is not one. If you find yourself feeling physically or mentally sluggish, or simply need a pick-me-up to help you through the day, don’t discard working out. We all know that it’s scientifically proven that moving our bodies improves our mood. Given that we’ve never experienced cold seasons during a pandemic before, it’s likely that we’ll need a mood-booster every now and then this fall.

Cold weather is not the cue to end your active lifestyle. Start preparing your fitness goals and routines now to keep yourself moving in the fall and winter months. 

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