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Monroe attorney suspended indefinitely

Attorney: Christi Misocky

Location: Monroe

Bar membership: Member since 2010

Disciplinary action: Suspended indefinitely on June 7

Background: In 2017, checks drawn on Misocky’s trust accounts were returned unpaid due to insufficient funds. The State Bar initiated an investigation, and Misocky failed to cooperate with the investigation or provide the requested documentation. In October 2017 the Bar’s Office of Counsel obtained a preliminary injunction in Wake County Superior Court prohibiting Misocky from handling entrusted funds. Further efforts to contact Misocky were unsuccessful, and in September 2020 the state bar learned that Misocky was at that time a fugitive hiding from federal authorities in connection with federal criminal charges that have been pending against her since March 2020, when Misocky was indicted in South Carolina federal court on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, endorsing stolen checks, passing counterfeit checks with the intent to defraud, possessing counterfeit and unauthorized access devices, and fraud with identification documents. Court records show that Misocky was arrested on June 4 and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Previous discipline: In March 2019, the South Carolina Supreme Court indefinitely suspended Misocky’s license to practice law in that state after she was arrested and charged with two counts of forgery, value $10,000 or more, and failed to cooperate with an investigation by that state’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Those forgery charges are state charges that predate the federal indictments.

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