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Clemmons attorney suspended for two years

Attorney: Christopher D. Lane

Location: Clemmons

Bar membership: Member since 1993

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for two years on Jan. 4. The suspension is stayed for two years so long as Lane complies with certain conditions.

Background: In or around February 2011, Lane entered into an “of counsel” agreement with Consumer Legal Services America, an out-of-state corporation that was not licensed to practice law in North Carolina. CLSA attempted to provide legal services to debtors and other “financially distressed consumers” in North Carolina and other states. Through his work on behalf of CLSA, Lane enabled its non-lawyer employees to provide legal advice to his clients and engage in legal negotiations with creditors, assisted the company in its unauthorized practice of law, enabled the company to hold itself out to the public as being authorized to engage in the practice of law, aided its non-lawyer employees as they engaged in the criminal act of debt adjusting, shared legal fees with non-lawyers, collected illegal fees, failed to adequately communicate with clients, and failed to supervise the handling of entrusted funds paid by his clients. Separately, Lane also knowingly made a false state of material fact to the state bar in connection with a disciplinary matter in a case where Lane failed to adequately communicate with a client or act with reasonable diligence and promptness on the client’s behalf.

Previous discipline: Lane was censured in 2018 for aiding an Illinois corporation engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, reprimanded in 2017 for aiding a California firm in the unauthorized practice of law, censured in 2015 for providing services to North Carolina clients on behalf of a Florida law firm not then authorized to practice law in North Carolina, and reprimanded in 2014 for assisting a different out-of-state firm in the unauthorized practice of law. All of these were subsequent to the failure to supervise and assisting the unauthorized practice of law addressed in the most recent order.

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