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Landlord/Tenant — Summary Ejectment – Month-to-Month Lease – Notice

Landlord/Tenant — Summary Ejectment – Month-to-Month Lease – Notice

The record indicates that the parties had a month-to-month tenancy, that the plaintiff-landlord provided timely notice of termination, and that the defendant-tenants held over after the lease was properly terminated. The tenants attempted to explain the history of their unsuccessful efforts to secure financing to purchase the property, but the trial court interrupted to explain that those issues were not relevant to the ejectment proceeding. We find nothing in the record suggesting that the trial court precluded the tenants from raising other arguments such as lack of notice or estoppel.

We affirm summary judgment for the landlord.

Coghill v. Brown (Lawyers Weekly No. 012-060-22, 6 pp.) (Richard Dietz, J.) Appealed from Vance County District Court (John Davis, J.) Brice Bratcher for defendants; no appellee brief filed. 2022-NCCOA-100


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