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$5.8M settlement for woman trapped in burning car

A woman who suffered severe burns while trapped in a burning car after she was rear-ended by a speeding driver has reached a $5.8M settlement, her attorneys report.

Thomas Van Camp and Michael Newman of Van Camp, Meacham & Newman in Pinehurst report that their client, a 33-year-old woman, was severely hurt when she was struck from behind on a highway by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. After being propelled from the road, her vehicle smashed into a tree.


“The vehicle caught on fire and my client was trapped inside while the fire was burning,” Newman said.

Many details about the case, including the location of the crash and the identities of the parties and the defense counsel, were withheld pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.

Newman said that the client ultimately escaped the passenger compartment but suffered third-degree burns in the process. Airlifted from the scene, she required multiple skin grafts and wound up with medical expenses exceeding a quarter-million dollars.

Van Camp

Newman said that both liability and damages were disputed in the matter.

“Long story short, after all of that, the parties were able to come to a confidential settlement agreement of $5.8 million,” Newman said.

He said that the settlement has been paid in full.

“We’re obviously grateful that our client is alive and we’re hopeful that she can make a full recovery from her injuries. That is going to take a considerable amount of time.”


Amount: $5.8 million

Injuries alleged: Burns, scarring, disfigurement

Case name: Confidential

Venue: Confidential

Date of settlement: Mar. 4

Special damages: $267,000 in medical expenses

Attorneys for plaintiff: Thomas Van Camp and Michael Newman of Van Camp, Meacham & Newman in Pinehurst

Attorney for defendant: Confidential

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