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Real estate attorneys Power List 

By Jason Thomas 

I’ve experienced both sides of the sizzling real estate market over the past couple of months as a seller and now, a buyer. 

But I guess I should introduce myself first, right, before you hear my sob story? I’m the new executive editor of SC Biz News. What does that have to do with North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, you ask? Great question. 

I’m acting as interim editor of NCLW until we find a replacement for former editor David Donovan. Big shoes to fill there, right? By the way, if you know of anyone interested in the position, please send me an email. (Contact info is at the end of this column). 

Back to the real estate scene.  

We were fortunate to benefit from a very hot (but cooling) real estate market in Louisville, Ky., where we sold our house. Now we’re on the buyer’s end of a seller’s market in Greenville, S.C.  

What should be a fun experience has turned into a stressful one.  

Everyone knows how you practically sign your life away when buying (and selling) a home. Thankfully, technology has eased the hand cramps caused by holding a pen. The documents have to get signed nonetheless. Attorneys have a front-row seat to the closing process. Lucky them. 

Inside this edition of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly you’ll find our real estate attorneys Power List. These are the folks doing notable things in the real estate realm. 

And it’s not just limited to residential. Commercial real estate presents its own set of challenges, and opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic made sure of that. The ups and downs of a volatile industry, especially with office space and the evolving post-pandemic workplace, take a attorney’s mind to track. 

Thankfully, North Carolina is full of talented attorneys in both real estate sectors. You can find some of them inside these pages. 

Jason Thomas can be reached via email at 


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