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Wake County attorney suspended

Attorney: Brooke M. Crump 

Location: Wake County  

Bar membership: Since 2017 

Disciplinary action: Suspension  

Background: After having a grievance filed against her for increasing her fee without informing her client and failing to disburse entrusted funds payable to various third parties, the defendant was found guilty of non-compliance with the grievance process. 

Because the allegations implicated the defendants handling of entrusted funds and demonstrated that at minimum, the defendant had failed to promptly disburse client, funds as directed, the Chair of the Grievance Committee issued a Subpoena for Cause Audit for Respondent’s trust accounts on 12 July 2022. 

Respondent did not submit all documents and information responsive to the Letter of Notice and Subpoena by the close of business on 19 September 2022. 

There is no length of the defendant’s suspension as it’s for non-compliance with the grievance process. If the defendant comes into compliance by providing the grievance information, then she can petition for reinstatement. 

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