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Wake County attorney suspended

Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

Wake County attorney suspended

Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

Attorney: Lloyd Kelso  

Location: Wake County 

Bar membership: Since 1977 

Disciplinary action: 1 year suspension  


Defendant was found guilty of multiple offenses and engaged in a pattern of misconduct. At the time of this conduct, the defendant knew or should have known that his actions could harm his clients. 

In Nov. 2019, the defendant was hired to represent H.S. in a domestic case which included child support and custody. During their professional involvement, the defendant began a romantic and sexual relationship with his client. By continuing to represent H.S. in her domestic case while also pursuing a romantic relationship with her, the defendant represented a client under circumstances where the representation might be limited by his personal interests in violation of Rule 1.7(a)(2). The defendant provided H.S. money and allowed her to use his credit card. By providing financial assistance to a client, the defendant is in violation of Rule 1.8(e).  

The defendant was also found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. By overcharging clients, altering signed settlement statement without client’s approval the defendant violated Rule 8.4(d). The defendant failed to properly deposit, disburse, and distribute 

entrusted funds in violation of Rule l.15-2(a) and (c). The defendant was found guilty of other misconduct regarding the treatment of client funds, violating rules 1.59(a), 1.15-2(k), 1.15-2(n), 1.15-3(e),1.15-3(b)(1), 1.15-3(b)(5), 1.15-3(i), and 5.3(a) and (b).  

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