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Montgomery County attorney disbarred

Attorney: Brooke M. Crump 

County: Wake County or Montgomery County  

Bar membership: Since 2017 

Disciplinary action: Disbarred 

Background: Following an initial suspension for non-compliance with the grievance process, Crump has been disbarred due to a series of professional misconduct including defamation, misrepresentation, and frequent impunctuality and absenteeism to court hearings. 

In multiple cases, Crump filed motions that had no basis in law in and failed to competently represent her clients in violation of Rule 1.1.  

Crump was also found guilty of forging a client’s verification and attaching it to a court document. Through this, Crump committed a criminal act reflecting adversely on her honesty, trustworthiness, and fitness as a lawyer. Through this, Crump engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, and misrepresentation and engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice in violation of Rule 8.4(b)(c) and (d). 

Crump also submitted a consent order to the court that falsely stated the identity of a child’s father was unknown. In this case, Crump made a false statement of material fact to the Court in violation of Rule 3.3(a). 

Considering these instances and others, the Grievance Committee believes that Crump is lacking basic understanding of the concepts of “factual support” and “admissible evidence,” Crump failed to act competently on behalf of clients in violation of Rule 1.1. 

Crump has also been known to frequently not appear in court on time, or does not appear at all, when her client’s cases are calendared. Crump’s absenteeism results in cases being unnecessarily continued, causing unnecessary delay, expense, and inconvenience for parties, counsel, and the court. 

Her serial failure to attend to client matters or truthfully respond to her clients’ reasonable requests for information resulted in significant, foreseeable harm to Crump’s clients, who relied upon Crump to protect their legal rights and interests. 

In multiple instances Crump has also publicly made baseless accusations toward judges and lawyers that causes significant harm to the public opinion of the legal profession. 

Crump persistently accuses lawyers, judges, and others who disagree with her of unethical behavior, prejudice, criminality and/or dishonesty based on unreasonable and unsupported beliefs, speculation, supposition, and assumption. None of her allegations have been substantiated. 

A few examples of Crump defecating other members of the law community can be seen through her suggesting without basis that Judge Nance is sexist and accusing Judge Vang of being against litigants based on their sexual orientation.  

Crump made these statements concerning the integrity of a judge with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity in violation of Rule 8.2(a). Crump’s unwarranted attacks on judges’ impartiality and the basic integrity of the court system and governmental agencies appear calculated to destroy confidence in the judicial process. 

Crump’s persistent pattern of misconduct up to and including her actions in connection with this disciplinary proceeding indicate that Crump is either unwilling or unable to conform her behavior to the requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Considering Crump refuses to acknowledge the wrongfulness of her conduct and there is no indication that she intends to modify her behavior, she has been disbarred effective immediately.  


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