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Rear-ended driver settles for $250K 

Haviland Stewart//February 6, 2023

Rear-ended driver settles for $250K 

Haviland Stewart//February 6, 2023

In June 2018, a plaintiff’s vehicle was stopped at a stop sign when he was rear ended by the defendant. Over four years later, the plaintiff settled for $250,000.

Gray II


According to plaintiff’s attorney, Mark Gray II, several issues arose during the plaintiff’s case regarding damages: that the property damage impact of the accident was only listed as $250 on the accident report, and that the plaintiff had pre-existing injuries and was recommended to have surgery for the exact same injuries caused by the accident years prior.  

Following the accident, the plaintiff was considered disabled by the Social Security Administration and was unable to continue working as a truck driver, which resulted in loss of income.  

“When I got a copy of his SSA report, I changed the focus of our case,” Gray said. “Instead of arguing the medical damages which were clearly muddled by his pre-existing condition. I simply argued about his inability to work. By narrowing down our focus we were able to get a meaningful settlement. Prior to the final mediation the highest offer was $70,000.” 

The defense attorney did not respond for comment.  

Is this a verdict or a settlement? Settlement
Type of case: Motor Vehicle accident
Amount: $250,000
Injuries alleged: Spinal injuries (aggravation of pre-existing spinal stenosis condition)
Case name: Williams v. Laws
Court: Alamance County
Case No.: 21 CVS 1309
Date of settlement: Dec. 20, 2022
Most helpful experts: Dr. Vinay Reddy, UNC Health
Attorney(s) for plaintiff and their firm(s): Mark Gray, II , Gray Legal Group.
Was the opposing represented by counsel? Yes
Attorney(s) for defendant and their firm(s): James D. McAlister, McAngus, Goudelock, & Courie
Were liability and/or damages contested? Yes
Has the judgment been successfully collected? Yes 



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