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Bankruptcy – Asbestos – Insurance & Trust Fund – Insurer’s Standing

The bankruptcy-debtor formerly produced asbestos-containing products. Its commercial general liability insurer seeks relief from the debtor’s bankruptcy plan because, under the plan, claims under the insurer’s policy do not get the same anti-fraud screening protection that uninsured claims will get before being paid from the debtor’s trust fund. However, if the debtor had not filed bankruptcy, the insurer would not have such screening, so it lacks standing to challenge the bankruptcy plan as a party in interest under 11 U.S.C. § 1109(b).

We affirm the district court’s approval of the bankruptcy plan.

The insurer is also a creditor, but its unsecured claim will be paid in full under the bankruptcy plan. The insurer has alleged no injury in fact as a creditor which would give it Article III standing to object to aspects of a reorganization plan that in no way relates to its status as a creditor.

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