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Criminal Practice – Meth Manufacturing & Trafficking – NPLEx Evidence

Even though defendant was indicted in 2019, evidence of her pseudoephedrine purchases going back to 2012 was relevant to show a consistent pattern of behavior by defendant, indicating she was engaged in the manufacturing and trafficking of methamphetamine. National Precursor Log Exchange records – which reveal defendant’s pattern of purchasing, or attempting to purchase, large quantities of pseudoephedrine – have a logical tendency to prove defendant engaged in the manufacture and trafficking of methamphetamine.

We find no error in defendant’s convictions of trafficking in methamphetamine by possession, trafficking in methamphetamine by manufacturing, manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of an immediate precursor with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, intentionally maintaining a dwelling for keeping and selling controlled substances, conspiracy to sell a Schedule II controlled substance and six counts of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

State v. Cass (Lawyers Weekly No. 012-046-23, 13 pp.) (Toby Hampson, J.) Appealed from Yadkin County Superior Court (John Craig, J.) Alexander Walton for the state; Ben Irons for defendant. N.C. App. Unpub.

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