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NCLW Leaders in the Law: Caryn Lee Brzykcy Managing Partner, Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law 

Teri Saylor//May 25, 2023//

NCLW Leaders in the Law: Caryn Lee Brzykcy Managing Partner, Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law 

Teri Saylor//May 25, 2023//

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Caryn Lee Brzykcy Managing Partner, Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law 


Caryn Brzykcy was a world traveler long before she reached adulthood.  

The daughter of a career Naval officer, she grew up all over the United States, as well as overseas. Today, she calls Taylorsville home, where she is the managing partner at Harbinson & Bzykcy, Attorneys at Law. She primarily practices in estate administration, Social Security disability and personal injury.



“I enjoy assisting people when they find themselves in stressful situations,” she says. “I am a problem-solver by nature and find great satisfaction in providing answers and guidance to my clients.” 

Brzykcy received a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences from the University of California, Davis, and her law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.  

Since 2005, Brzykcy has been the town attorney for the Town of Taylorsville and is the school board attorney for the Alexander County Board of Education — in both cases, the first woman to fill the role.

Growing up: One of my favorite memories was in the Philippines, where I lived when my father was stationed at Subic Bay Naval Base. I was about 16, and my friends and I left the base and hired locals to take us in canoe-like boats, powered by lawn mower engines, to a small island called the Capones where we spent the day swimming and diving in the clearest water I’ve ever seen. 

Biggest personal accomplishment: Raising my children, Jenna Faire and Zach. Jenna is completing her first year of law school at Elon Law, and Zach is a minor league baseball player for the Washington Nationals organization.   

First job: My first professional job was providing litigation support for Superfund sites for TechLaw. I learned I could manage a large case load, and I absolutely loved the law. It’s what led me to apply to law school. 

Biggest career challenge: Balancing my personal life with my professional life. I wanted to be the best mother I could be while still having a fulfilling and successful career. I opted to practice in a small town and work for myself, so I could be available to my family and structure my schedule to be able to go on field trips, have school lunches and be involved in my children’s lives.  

Advice for aspiring attorneys: I have always told my children to do what they love. If you are considering law, make sure you love it before investing in it heavily. Shadow attorneys, talk with people in the legal field, and try to gain as much exposure as you can to see if it is what you want to devote your life to. 

Work-life balance: Compartmentalization. When I leave the office, I leave it all there. 

Childhood goal: I wanted to be a veterinarian.   

Favorite vacation spot: Uncrowded beaches.  

A month off: I suppose I would spend my time outdoors — hiking, gardening, going to the beach. 

You didn’t know: I enjoy practicing Yoga and I am learning to hand-quilt using old Japanese kimonos as fabric.

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