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My goal: Provide the information that you need now 

Scott Baughman//July 5, 2023//

My goal: Provide the information that you need now 

Scott Baughman//July 5, 2023//

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Hello. My name is Ross Chandler, and I am honored to have been named editor of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. I hope that this introduction will be the first step you and I take together on a long, fruitful journey. 

My goal on this “trip” is simple: Provide you with the most up-to-date information from and about the North Carolina legal community. I want you to have at your fingertips the latest reports from our writers, columnists and other sources. The work you do today at your practice might depend on the details of a late-breaking legal development, and I want you to rest assured that North Carolina Lawyers Weekly has the breadth of coverage, the specialized knowledge, the focus on the legal community, and the staff’s determination to bring that information to you. 

How will we get it to you? First, there is our ever-improving and growing website, Don’t have time to check the website? Check your email instead for condensed, concise daily updates from NCLW. Have the time and inclination to lean back and relax? The print version of the magazine can be read at your leisure over a cup of coffee. 

I am looking forward to serving as editor. My goal is to turn 30 years of experience as a reporter and editor toward producing must-read journalism at North Carolina Lawyers Weekly and delivering it to you via the medium that serves you best.  

This will be an interesting journey, and I hope that it will be a long, happy one together.  

Thank you for joining me on it. 

Ross Chandler can be reached at [email protected]. 

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