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Lack of security results in shooting death of two students: $6 million settlement

Lack of security results in shooting death of two students: $6 million settlement

Action: Wrongful death

Injuries alleged: Negligent security

Case name: Campbell, et al. v. Campus Evolution Villages LLC, et al.

Court/case no.: Guilford County, No. 18-CVS-4285

Jury and/or judge: Judge Lora C. Cubbage

Amount: $6 million

Date: May 15, 2023

Most helpful experts: Norman Bates, Daryl Greenburg

Attorneys: Valerie Johnson and Jay Trehy of Johnson & Groninger, Durham (for the plaintiffs)

Defendants owned and operated student apartment complexes around the country, including Greensboro, where apartments were rented mostly to North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University students.

Campus Evolution Villages (CEV) was aware of frequent violent crime in the area and the complex but failed to take appropriate measures to keep the property safe.

In August, despite ongoing crime, CEV cut back on its security at the complex. On Oct. 1, two students, unknown to each, were invited to a party at the complex. Uninvited trespassers, who were not students, attempted to get into the party and were turned away.

Before leaving the property, the trespassers shot toward the apartment. Bullets went through the outside wall and into a bedroom where the students were hiding and killed two of the students.

The case involved several expert witnesses, including forensic, architectural and property management experts.

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