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Author Archives: Amy Stevens

Movement (finally) on rancorous law firm breakup (access required)

No one who works hard to build a law practice ever wants to contemplate its demise. But the reality is that companies and partnerships dissolve all of the time, and when they do the North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act comes in to play. But a recent opinion from the North Carolina Business Court addresses a murky area of the act when dissolution of a limited liability company (LLC) occurs – dividing up contingent fees.

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Oh, that damnum road (access required)

When you pull out of your driveway every morning, do you ever stop to consider whether the road will be there? Of course you don’t – and neither did Mark White and Tanis Duffie of Henderson County. Both men learned ...

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Trial court tripped over constitutional issue, judges say (access required)

While business litigation attorneys often find themselves in federal court based on diversity issues, it’s rare for constitutional issues to pop up in state cases. But recently, the North Carolina Court of Appeals overruled a lower court’s denial of an out-of-state judgment, concluding that the trial judge failed to consider the constitutional implications of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

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