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Author Archives: G. D. Gearino

Notable defense victories in 2012 (access required)

The state DOT wanted to pay for half of a car dealership’s property, but use all of it. It wound up buying the whole thing. Assent Property Management in 2004 bought an eight-acre site along East Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, where it remodeled the existing building and opened a luxury automobile superstore in 2008. The site had considerable frontage of East Independence and five access points.

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Top Verdicts and Settlements: Lucky Thirteen (access required)

Everyone loves a list, except the people who compile one. That’s because they (and in this case, that means “we”) never quite shake the feeling that somebody or something was inadvertently left off the list. The annual roundup of the previous year’s Top Verdicts & Settlements is, in some ways, an exercise in cat-herding. There are a number of subjective judgments that figure into the process, but the broad outline is this: The list represents the 25 highest dollar-amount awards and settlements, either in a North Carolina court or as the result of work done by a North Carolina lawyer in another state, that have been reported to Lawyers Weekly.

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The complexities of place and time (access required)

One of the consequences of living in a flyover state is that people in big-media cities like New York and Washington, D.C. remain chronically unclear about our local geography. Exhibit A: The D.C.-area public relations firm which had to send the same press release three times before getting critical dates and place names straight.

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A note from the editor


The making of lists is an irresistible human urge, so much so that it would surprise almost nobody to learn that the cave drawings left by early man were, in fact, rankings of the Top Ten Mastodons We Killed and Ate. Our list of North Carolina’s Largest Law Firms can’t match those cave drawings for mystery, but then again obscurity isn’t our aim. Clarity is, and it doesn’t get much more simple and clear than a ranking based on a single statistic: The number of lawyers a firm has in the state.

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