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Author Archives: Greg Froom

Coach’s Corner: What makes a law firm a good place to work?

Every law firm is, or should be, a team, with lawyers, staff and support personnel committed to a team effort for providing the best possible service and work product for the benefit of clients. Involving everyone in the office so that they feel a sense of inclusiveness, understanding their roles and looking forward to exercising them, creates a better and more successful firm. At too many law firms, unfortunately, this does not exist.

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Scribner’s Error: Pushing the limits of reasonableness and prudence

"Reasonable and prudent." That was the daytime speed limit in Montana for a breezy four years after Congress in 1995 lifted its draconian, federally mandated limits, which first imposed the pokey "double-nickel" 55-mph limit that was later softened to 65. Does that mean that there was an American Autobahn in Big Sky Country in the late '90s? Not exactly.

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Taxation – Real Property – Ad Valorem Taxes – Tax Assessor – Unfinished Development – Administrative Remedies – Subject-Matter Jurisdiction

The Villages at Red Bridge, LLC v. Weisner. A taxpayer who disagreed with a tax assessor's valuation decisions and who failed to exhaust administrative remedies prescribed by statute cannot bypass the same . . .

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Coach’s Corner: When does a prospect become a client?

When does someone visiting your website, blog or LinkedIn page become a prospective client? This does not seem to be a difficult issue. Everyone that a lawyer meets, including in cyberspace, is a prospective client! To think otherwise is to say you don't believe you have something of value that can help the person reading your material or who is standing in front of you. Of course, if your target audience is not focused on using the Internet and searching the Web on a regular basis, then you likely will not get many new prospects and clients that way.

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Lawyers In The News, Aug. 30, 2010

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Robert K. Walsh of the Wake Forest University School of Law received the Robert J. Kutak Award at the American Bar Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco. Each year, the ABA Section of Legal Education ...

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