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Author Archives: Ruth Sheehan

The kidney transplant that almost wasn’t (access required)

Kidney transplant

Ashley Quiñones showed up at the Legal Aid office in Pittsboro last August in desperate need of a good lawyer – and a good kidney. In 2009, her name had been placed on the kidney transplant list and in March 2010 the procedure was approved. All that was left was Medicaid’s agreement to pay – a formality, she was certain. “Every appointment and treatment the doctors requested, all the dialysis, had always been approved,” she said. So Quiñones was stunned when the letter arrived last August informing her that the kidney transplant was denied.

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The healer departs (access required)

Not everyone was thrilled when Don Carroll was chosen as the first paid director of the state’s Lawyer Assistance Program. He had a flaw: He wasn’t an alcoholic. For nearly 15 years, the assistance program essentially had been an ad hoc network of lawyers in recovery volunteering their time to help other lawyers get sober. So when Carroll applied, and was chosen, as the first real employee of the program, some volunteers were angry – even though Carroll, as the child of an alcoholic, knew plenty about how addiction could ruin lives.

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