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Charter boat lost prize, and now loses ruling (access required)


This year’s Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is now one for the books, with a boat called Flybuoy claiming a nearly half-million dollar purse, but the fight over the 2010 prize money lives on. In early June, the Court of Appeals upheld the disqualification of the 2010 first-place boat, the Citation, for failing to have all tournament-required fishing licenses, and let stand the boat’s forfeiture of a $1 million prize.

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Rx for summary judgment (access required)


Affidavits by hospital administrators attesting to the reasonableness of charges billed to a patient pushed the Charlotte Mecklenburg Hospital Authority over the summary judgment hump, the Supreme Court held, ending a patient’s challenge to a $14,419 bill for a three-night hospital stay.

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Ascent of the ‘patent troll’ (access required)

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE NEARLY IDENTICAL BUS TRACKING SYSTEMS? The Mountain Line System in Missoula, Mont., (top) has been sued for patent infringement. Raleigh's Capital Area Transit (bottom) hasn't -- at least not yet.

Waiting for a Capital Area Transit bus that’s running late in Raleigh? Regular riders know they can track its whereabouts. There’s an app for that. There’s a patent for that too, and it doesn’t belong to the city – at least that’s the claim made by ArrivalStar S.A., a Luxembourg-based company that has, in recent years, filed more than 100 patent infringement lawsuits arising out of the use of package and other tracking devices.

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The good news for DOT: It won court ruling (access required)


It might have looked like a victory for the Department of Transportation last week when the Court of Appeals let the air out of the tires of a group of Forsyth County property owners looking for some recompense as a class. But that decision had the smell of a pyrrhic victory.

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No way on the highway (access required)

The notion of a bypass around U.S. 74 from Charlotte into Union County had been kicking around for years before the newly formed Turnpike Authority in 2007 proposed the construction of a 20-mile toll road that would run parallel to U.S. 74, skirt Monroe and connect to the I-485 beltway southeast of Charlotte. Under the supervision of the Federal Highway Administration, the state Department of Transportation moved ahead with the project, the Monroe Connector, and appeared to be on track to begin construction — until May 3.

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