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The NC Bar exam: Bigger venues, but the same stress (access required)

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The most noticeable changes to the North Carolina bar exam in the past 25 years have been environmental – larger venues, the migration to laptops, and explosive growth in the number of law grads. The substance of the exam, however, remains much as it was when a break from bar prep meant cranking up Def Leppard and downing a Jolt cola.

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Bar exam fiasco prompts calls for overhaul (access required)


Digital natives abhor an information vacuum, and they expect their elders to embrace technology. But when the summer bar exam went awry two weeks ago, it was all vacuum and no embrace. So it was only natural that traffic to our site spiked on the news that the N.C. Board of Law Examiners was mulling its options following a power outage on Tuesday, July 24, the first day of the July bar exam.

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Charlotte School of Law: Let’s make a deal (access required)


The email solicitation almost has the feel of a late-night infomercial. If you act now, they’ll also throw in a free iPad. But the sender isn’t offering a new gadget no modern kitchen should be without—the pitch is for a legal education at Charlotte School of Law. And Charlotte is surely not the only law school laboring to fill seats for the incoming first-year class.

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That sound? Oh, just the bar taker’s primal scream

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The expressions of panic coming from the Twitter feeds of this spring’s law school grads has reached a near-audible pitch as the days until the bar exam dwindle. Sentiments like “Please excuse me while I overreact irrationally,” “Cannot get enough caffeine,” “Just woke up from my second bar exam nightmare” and the common refrain “What day is it?” create a digital portrait of the class of 2012’s collective psyche.

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Most NC law schools beat national average for post-grad employment (access required)


New employment numbers from the American Bar Association show that 2011 graduates of most North Carolina law schools fared better than the national average when it came to landing long-term, full-time jobs fresh out of school. The numbers, from the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, paint a more detailed picture of post-graduate employment than has been offered in prior years.

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