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Coach’s Corner: Of priorities and consequences in the practice of law (access required)

I recently spoke with an executive whose company makes software to help lawyers record billable time. He discussed failure to record time as a "time leak," because time is lost (and therefore not billed) when an attorney fails to make contemporaneous notations of work being done. Surveys done by the company suggest that at least one in five timekeepers consistently fails to record time contemporaneously, and almost 80 percent record their time days or even weeks later.

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Bad writers will end up on the naughty list

"$1000 Reward For The Arrest & Conviction AND Return of The 20 foot SANTA CLAUS." The sign blazed in angry red letters on both sides of a truck parked alongside Route 16 in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Childhood idol turned criminal? Say it ain't so, Santa.

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To plan your revenue, plan your clients (access required)

Law firms seem compelled to focus marketing time and resources on where the money is not - constantly dispatching teams to give new business pitches for a wide variety of prospective clients, most of whom will not pan out. Certainly looking for opportunities with new clients is important. But it is far more essential for any firm to assess the clients it has, define the clients it wants and focus revenue generation on the optimum combination of the two.

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What social media isn’t (access required)

Social media is not for everyone. And, it's not a magic bullet. Social media won't make you a great lawyer. Only hard work and experience can do that. It can, however, make you a better lawyer when used to bring relevant information to you that will help you stay up to date on your areas of practice.

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