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Guest Articles

Guest Commentary: The Ten Commandments of cross-examination, revisited

What is the Fourth Commandment? Don't reach for your Bible. It is "Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy." What day is the Sabbath? It isn't Sunday. It is the seventh day - Saturday - the day the Lord rested in the creation story. Sunday replaced Saturday as the official Christian day of rest and worship in the first century A.D., at the behest of Saint Ignatius. So even the Ten Commandments can change a little over time.

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Coach’s Corner: Finder, grinder or minder – what type of lawyer are you?

For law firms to be successful they must be more than a collection of single practitioners. Success in the law, like success at sports, is a team effort - if the team isn't firing on all cylinders, it gets away from what made it successful and people no longer play their true roles. No law firm can be profitable and growing without a range of skills and abilities. Not every player on a sports team is expected to be a star, and not every lawyer in a law firm should be expected to play similar roles in the life of the firm.

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Practical Litigator: Who’s responsible for an injury at an unsafe workplace? Could be anyone

Construction accidents frequently give rise to third-party tort claims. Given the number of entities involved on major construction projects, the chances of identifying a culpable party that is not protected by the exclusive remedy provisions of the workers' compensation act are rather good.

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Guest Commentary: Lawyers operate in different universe from clients

In a recent conversation with two lawyer friends, we each commiserated that, despite the differences in each of our practices, clients often use us as a sounding board to vent their frustrations. (A not so cheap sounding board, I might add.) Recounting the meeting that had made him late to our gathering, one friend explained that he had come from an engagement that ran long due to a client just wanting to have his problem heard by someone who wasn't related to him and hadn't heard his gripe several times before.

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Coach’s Corner: The power to regulate is the (potential) power to destroy

Many lawyers and law firm marketers have sounded alarms that the American Bar Association's Commission on Ethics 20/20 is examining legal ethics issues arising from lawyers' use of Internet-based client development tools. Those tools encompass a wide range of now common marketing tactics: online social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), blogging, discussion forums (listservs) and websites.

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