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Keeping the seat: Appeals court judge Rick Elmore beats Steven Walker in contentious race (access required)

In a year when dissatisfied voters around the nation ands state tossed out incumbents, North Carolina's Court of Appeals judges fended off their challengers, including one who proved stiff competition to a veteran judge. That contest - the most closely watched of any of the appellate court races - pitted Court of Appeals Judge Rick Elmore (pictured left), an eight-year veteran of the court and former defense attorney in Greensboro, against Steven Walker, who serves as clerk to Supreme Court Justice Edward Thomas Brady.

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Ethics Committee nixes lawyer’s Web marketing strategy (access required)

Internet marketing is nothing new, but a few attorneys in North Carolina are trying a tactic that has caught the attention of the N.C. State Bar. It works like this: A lawyer purchases a keyword or a phrase though Google's AdWords service so that when a consumer types in that keyword or phrase, the attorney's ad pops up on the screen along with the search engine results. Attorney J. Mark Wilson (pictured) believes the marketing tactic could lead to possible trademark infringement cases.

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Reversal sends suit over $2.3 million fee back to Union County (access required)

Charlotte attorney James B. Gatehouse of Rayburn Cooper & Durham said he always hopes for an amicable result in litigation, especially in complicated construction matters. That said, "I anticipate that this one will be tried," Gatehouse said of Signature Development, LLC v. Sandler Commercial at Union, LLC (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-07-1057, 33 pp.).

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She and her dog Velveeta are a pet therapy team (access required)

Connie J. Vetter is an attorney and mediator in Charlotte. The Illinois native focuses her practice on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients. Vetter graduated from Ohio State University and the Northeastern University School of Law. She is active in gay and lesbian causes and serves on the board of her neighborhood association.

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Writer’s block? Some in NC’s legal community say Supreme Court issues too few opinions (access required)

Pull N.C Reports Volume 363 - the most recently published volume - from the shelf and you'll be holding a book that covers just over a year's worth of output from the state's Supreme Court justices but contains only about three dozen written opinions. Is something wrong with this picture? Some members of the bar and academic experts on the judiciary think so. As the court's productivity in terms of opinion-writing has decreased during the last decade, some members of the bar are growing concerned that North Carolina's legal landscape is lacking crucial guidance.

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