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Prepayment Of Note Allowed (access required)

A couple who sought to pay off a mortgage early could do so without penalty even though the note was silent on the issue of prepayment, the Supreme Court held Aug. 14. Suggesting that common law is not clear on ...

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No Company UIM In Private Car (access required)

A woman who was hurt in a wreck while travelling on business in a private car is not entitled to UIM coverage from her company’s auto insurance, the Supreme Court ruled Aug. 14. This is because she was not a ...

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Survey Results On Salaries Is Questioned (access required)

Don’t believe everything you read, especially when it’s about a lawyer’s average income. That’s the word from one lawyer who says the latest economic survey from the North Carolina Bar Association may not represent the average lawyer’s income. ‘This is ...

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Unresolved Issue From Sutton Is Addressed (access required)

Is a claimant allowed to add up all the available underinsured motorist coverage and compare the total to the tortfeasor’s liability coverage to determine whether or not the tortfeasor is underinsured? The answer to that threshold question has been decided ...

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