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Summary Jury Trials Latest ADR Option (access required)

A new practice rule filed Sept. 10 by the Supreme Court authorizes the statewide use of summary jury trials, the latest innovation in alternative dispute resolutions. That means lawyers can now custom tailor their trials in Superior Court to control ...

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First AIDS Anguish Case Filed (access required)

A Wilson County couple has brought the first AIDs-based mental anguish claim in North Carolina. In a complaint filed earlier this month, the couple alleged the husband’s dentist had been negligent in not telling them he carried the AIDS virus. ...

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Disaster In Hamlet: The Aftermath (access required)

Lawyers Irate Over Improper Solicitation A Sept. 3 fire that swept through a chicken processing plant, killing 25 workers and injuring 50 others, has brought an invasion of lawyers to Richmond County, and local lawyers are appalled at the conduct ...

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Newspaper Ads Stir Old Debate (access required)

The fire that swept through a Hamlet chicken processing plant has sparked a heated debate about the limits of lawyer advertising. In the wake of the disaster that left 25 dead and another 50 injured, Richmond county attorneys are criticizing ...

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Ad Hoc Bar Team Set Up At Scene (access required)

Less than a week after publicizing a disaster relief plan, the State Bar pieced together a makeshift aid program to assist victims of the fire in Hamlet. ‘I’m glad we had something on board,’ said State Bar president Tommy Jarrett. ...

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