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We knew him when (access required)

If Sidebar ever rises high in politics, no one will be more surprised than his law school classmates. But at least they’ll be in fine company. Two North Carolina attorneys who collected their JDs alongside Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim ...

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The right to R.I.P. (access required)

A developer who wants to pave over a pet cemetery in New Hanover County has one foot in the grave, legally speaking, after losing a significant battle ahead of an upcoming trial. Last year, Ricky Coates raised eyebrows and triggered ...

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Rat tales (access required)

Something strange is happening at dollar stores in North Carolina. Earlier this month, state health authorities closed a Dollar Tree in Wilson because it was infested with rats, according to a report from the local Fox affiliate. “Two signs were ...

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I just came to hang out (access required)

Much to the defendant’s chagrin but in a relatively straightforward application of the law, the state Court of Appeals held recently in North Carolina v. Rico Barnes that being handcuffed on your cousin’s porch while probation agents search the home ...

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Treat your children well (access required)

There are many attributes that would aid a candidate for a seat on the state’s Court of Appeals. A distinguished legal career, eloquent public speaking, and an enthusiasm for stumping for voters would all presumably come in handy. But having ...

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Living the (prison) life (access required)

  For an overnight staycation, my wife and I recently lodged in a Charlotte hotel that was ritzy in name alone. When we arrived, caseless pillows sat on the floor of our room. The decor was dated. Water backed up ...

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