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More money, more problems (access required)

By definition, a tithe is 10 percent of one’s income. Ironically, 10 percent is also a magic number in the world of bail bonding. Marie Holmes, the Shallotte woman who pocketed a cool $88 million after winning a portion of ...

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About that airport I own… (access required)

Paul Douglas Tharp may have had a few slight oversights on his recent tax returns. Namely, federal prosecutors allege the Lexington man failed to report that he owned an airport and an investment firm that generated “significant income.” Then there ...

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It’s not good (access required)

The latest results of a statewide court fairness survey paint an ugly picture. Based on the opinions of court visitors, who probably weren’t all that thrilled about being dragged to court, the online survey rates county courts in seven categories. ...

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Here, shut up and play with this (access required)

Back in 2014, when Uber completed a wildly successful round of capital-raising that valued the company at a stunning $17 billion, Sidebar’s crotchety old dad pooh-poohed the dreams of venture capitalists. “All it takes,” the old sage warned, “is one ...

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Dog day in court (access required)

“This is a domestic violence court. Not pet rescue,” Wake County District Court Judge V.A. “Woofer” Davidian told the young couple seated at separate tables facing his bench. Observers in the gallery had begun whispering when the pair’s case was ...

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