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A constitutional right to free beach? (access required)

Does North Carolina’s constitution enshrine a right to drive four-wheelers on the beach free of charge? One Virginia group is suing to find out. The Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association has sued Currituck County, seeking a court order to enjoin ...

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A man of conviction (access required)

Had a Virginia district court judge made his inappropriate remarks before a jury, Edward Kehoe might very well be a free man. Alas, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has found that since the race-based comments came during a ...

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The North Carolinian Caption Contest (access required)

In last week’s paper, Lawyers Weekly covered a proposed constitutional amendment to be placed before the voters this fall that would strip the governor (currently a Democrat) of the power to fill vacancies in the state’s judiciary and transfer the ...

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What would Robert Frost do? (access required)

The Little Linguists Language Academy in Boone had a problem—neighbors were using the circular gravel driveway in front of the school as a cut-through road. The academy’s owners, Daniel and Carroll Olson, concerned about the safety of their students, remedied ...

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Silence not his forte (access required)

Jimmy Lee Forte Jr. just would not be quiet. According to records, he interrupted his court-appointed lawyer and the trial judge so often that the court found that he involuntarily forfeited his right to counsel. Leading his own defense, and ...

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