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You’re going to need a bigger bench (access required)


When the North Carolina Supreme Court comes to town for a special session, you do what needs to be done to make sure the justices are comfortable. In Buncombe County, that meant expanding the bench inside the 90-year-old courthouse in Asheville ahead of the seven justices’ arrival on May 16. The bench in question has three seats for the judge, clerk and a testifying witness.

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Wait, don’t I know you? (access required)

Going to jail is bad. Going back to jail while the ink is still wet on your last fingerprint card is horrible. Just after midnight on Sept. 6, 2015, North Wilkesboro police officer Tyler Hall approached a familiar-looking car at ...

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They Said It… (access required)

“This case started when the music stopped, in an aviatic version of the game of musical chairs – or musical engines – Avantair was playing with its airplanes. The music stopped when Avantair was forced into bankruptcy, and at that ...

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Lordy, I hope there are tapes (access required)

Small brewers challenging the constitutionality of North Carolina’s beer distribution laws likely feel refreshed this week, as their lawyers have obtained a recording of a beer distributor caught on tape using the leverage afforded by the state’s laws to put ...

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Dim the lights (access required)

Watching a teacher wheel the AV cart into the classroom was always a special moment. The TV and VCR (yes, this reporter is that old) represented a reprieve from the routine. The subject of the movie didn’t really matter. Now, ...

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Down the drain (access required)

If there are any pro wrestling aficionados among you, you may agree with me that ABC Services v. Wheatly Boys sounds a little like a tag-team matchup. Think The Nasty Boys. The Dudley Boyz. Think The Corporation vs. The Hardy ...

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That dotSucks (access required)

DotSucks has been stirring things up since at least 2015, when Fortune magazine called it “the most controversial domain name on the internet.” Back then, the company behind www.get.sucks, Vox Populi Registry Ltd., was making headlines for selling .sucks website ...

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