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An issue for our times (access required)

Is it ever reasonable for school officials to ask every girl at their school to shake out their shirts and pull out their bras with their thumb, in the presence of at least two adult males, because they got a tip that some students might be carrying some pills? That’s basically the disagreement between the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals in the “bra lift” case out of Brunswick County.

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Real Men of Genius: Mr. Backseat Obstetrician (access required)

It happens all the time on television and in the movies, though few among us will ever deliver a baby in the back of a car. Gastonia solo Timothy T. Leach joined that elite and heroic club of backseat obstetricians on the afternoon of Oct. 5, while his three children and in-laws watched.

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Pantyhose: It’s (still) what to wear


When the results of a LinkedIn survey regarding outdated office equipment and practices pinged around the internet last week, we at Sidebar quickly zeroed in on the most crucial item: 27 percent of 7,000 respondents predicted that formal business attire like suits, ties and pantyhose are likely to vanish from offices in the next five years. No more pantyhose? Could it be true?

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Not that Nancy (access required)

The other Nancy Grace. Photo by Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

Having the same name as the cable news pundit and fiery former prosecutor Nancy Grace is by no means a blessing, but it makes life a little more interesting for a mild-mannered family law attorney in Raleigh.

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A $15,000 spelling lesson (access required)

When people spell conventional names in unconventional ways, it can be tough to get it right in print —trust us, we know. But two mortgage companies are on the hook for over $15,000 in attorneys’ fees and punitive damages because they couldn’t keep straight the unusual spelling of a debtor’s name.

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Is Superman’s x-ray vision legal? (access required)


Focusing realistic legal scrutiny on a fantasy world might seem like a drag, but James Daily and Ryan Davidson’s apparent love of both law and superheroes keep them from being killjoys. In advance of their new book “The Law of Superheroes,” Daily answered a couple of Sidebar’s most pressing superhero law questions.

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Hiding it in plain sight (access required)


A federal magistrate in North Carolina has ordered Twitter not to alert anyone about the existence of a search warrant for information associated with a Charlotte man who tweeted about assassinating President Barack Obama. How do we know this? Because we obtained the order, which had been filed under seal, simply by downloading it from the court’s website.

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