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Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations – Child Custody – Grandparent-Custodians – Removal from Action – Insufficient Findings (access required)

The respondent-grandparents were awarded custody of their grandchildren, “Jonah” and “Zeke.” Consequently, the parents’ subsequent relinquishment of their parental rights to Jonah and Zeke didn’t automatically warrant the dismissal of the grandparents from the G.S. Chapter 7B proceedings concerning the ...

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Domestic Relations – Parent & Child – Termination of Parental Rights – Failure to Make Progress – Bipolar Disorder (access required)

The trial court’s vague findings about respondent’s “disturbing” behavior are insufficient to support its ultimate finding that respondent has failed to make progress while leaving her child in petitioners’ custody. We reverse the trial court’s termination of respondent’s parental rights. ...

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