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Domestic Relations

Domestic RelationsCivil Practice – Subject Matter Jurisdiction — Consent Order – Contempt – Attorney’s Fees – (access required)

Gordon v. Gordon : Although plaintiff labels his challenge to the trial court’s April 12, 2012 order as a subject-matter jurisdiction issue, plaintiff’s brief simply argues that the trial court erred in resolving the issues before it. Therefore, plaintiff’s challenge to the April 12, 2012 order does not implicate subject matter jurisdiction.

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Domestic Relations – Parent & Child – Adjudication & Disposition – Neglect & Abuse – Conditions — Indian Child Welfare Act (access required)

In re A.R. The trial court’s unchallenged findings of fact establish that (1) respondents’ family members have reported multiple incidents of domestic violence, including one at which juvenile “Frank” was present and during which the respondent-mother tried to hit the respondent-father with a board, missed, and instead hit two-month-old “Aaron” in the head and (2) respondents did not seek medical attention for Aaron after he was hit in the head and also cancelled Aaron’s medical appointments for hard-to-schedule specialized testing (Aaron has cysts on his only kidney and an enlarged bladder).

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