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Business Court finds negligence claims actionable under Securities Act (access required)

cardboard box

Jackson Paper had a better idea for making boxes, but just months after start-up, the plant shut down, leaving its investors out over a million dollars. When those investors sued, they didn’t accuse Jackson Paper of fraud. Rather, they alleged that the company acted negligently and asserted common law claims as well as claims under the North Carolina Securities Act, based upon that negligence.

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Homeowners’ complaint about siding certified as class action (access required)


With a recent decision by Business Court Judge John R. Jolly Jr. certifying their class claims against KB Homes Raleigh Durham, Inc., plaintiffs in Elliott v. KB Homes may have won the battle, but they might lose the war. That’s because, contrary to conventional wisdom about certification being the end game in class actions, plaintiffs here face significant liability and damage questions.

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Making the grade (access required)


It might come as a surprise that a performance review website owned by MTV would register on the radar of a distinguished law professor. But RateMyProfessors.com, a site where college students can grade their teachers and order pizza from Domino’s at the same time, certainly got under the skin of University of North Carolina School of Law professor Michael L. Corrado.

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