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CLOUD LIFTED: Gasket maker dodges over $1 billion in asbestos liability in a case that could change the game for mesolethioma litigation (access required)

By DAVID DONOVAN david.donovan@nclawyersweekly.com Gasket manufacturer Garlock Sealing Technology was facing a potentially devastating situation in bankruptcy court. Claimants suffering from mesothelioma, a rare and fatal form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure, had asked U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge George ...

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Criminal Practice – Search & Seizure – Warrantless Blood Draw – Impaired Driver – Second Degree Murder (access required)

State v. Brennick After a state trooper investigated a crash site and travelled to the hospital, two and a half hours had passed since the accident, and the trooper knew that, if he drove to get a warrant, by the time he got back to the hospital, defendant would likely be in surgery and unavailable for a blood draw; all the while, the alcohol in his blood would be dissipating.

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Real Property – Store’s Driveway Permit – Increased Traffic – Condemnation Action — § 108 Hearing (access required)

Department of Transportation v. Webster Where the Department of Transportation condemned part of the defendant-landowners’ private road (Rescue Lane), the landowners’ condemnation damages do not include the increase in traffic on Rescue Lane that resulted from the DOT’s subsequent grant of a permit that allowed a neighboring store to install a driveway on Rescue Lane.

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We’re updating our website

Beginning on Thursday, we’ll be updating our web site! Readers can expect a new, sleek design experience as we transition to a new design theme known as “responsive” design. Our current website is designed for optimum viewing efficiency when read ...

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Largest Law Firms (access required)

Ranked 1

The making of lists is an irresistible human urge, so much so that it would surprise almost nobody to learn that the cave drawings left by early man were, in fact, rankings of the Top Ten Mastodons We Killed and ...

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Easy does it (access required)

It now appears indisputable that the reputation of the North Carolina Supreme Court as a low-energy bunch is well earned. The state’s highest court has long been criticized for the dwindling number of opinions it hands down each year. In ...

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