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The costs of repealing the Racial Justice Act (access required)

In 2009, North Carolina passed the Racial Justice Act, a landmark bill to address racial bias in the use of the death penalty. At that time, prosecutors unsuccessfully opposed the bill. They claimed that it was a surreptitious play to end the death penalty and that it would overwhelm and clog up the court system. They also falsely asserted that it would allow murderers to be freed from prison.

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Not so quick: Instant runoff requires preparation (access required)

For the voters, it might be as easy as one, two, three. For election officials, not so much. The new instant-runoff system that will be used in what has been referred to as a free-for-all race for the Court of Appeals seat vacated by Judge James Wynn is still under development at the state Board of Elections. No fewer than 13 candidates signed up during a one-week filing period after Wynn was confirmed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and elections officials are facing a unique challenge as they put together a system to use the instant-runoff vote statewide for the first time.

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Lawyers, make social media work for you (access required)

Social media is the latest and greatest thing. Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about it - in fact some people rave about its potential as a business tool. But does it really make sense for lawyers, who provide professional services, as opposed to companies that sell products or consumer-oriented services, such as auto repair?

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